what is a package substation

In the world of electricity generation, transmission and distribution there are terms and systems like distribution automation and package substation that you need to know about. These terms allow you to work efficiently in the world and power grid units. The power grid units distribute the electricity power to other local units and industries so that they can carry out their functions in a good fashion.

Package substation here plays a very important role in giving electricity power to the industries, both small and medium, power distribution units and to the construction area. It consists of several technology items which are combined to form the unit that is used for power distribution. It includes the following essential things:

· Medium voltage switchgear

· Outdoor duty enclosure

· Transformer for distribution

· Typical low voltage panel

· And few other accessories

All these things combine to make sure that the electricity is reached within the confined limits abundantly. It mainly functions with the low and medium voltage electricity. There are several types of substation. It ranges from distribution substation to transmission substation, collector substation and convertor substation. All these elements make a perfect combination of an effective system.